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Empathy vs. Sympathy

This is a seemingly interchangeable concept yet far from the truth. An aspect that represses desire and fulfillment in disguise as an assistant to understanding. The simple mechanical breakdown of this misattunement also can be evident with jealousy and envy.

Which leads to a direct correlation of possession. Empathy is what a person is able to obtain from another by seeing into their world while jealousy is what someone has and not wanting to lose, in fear of the object/other obtaining possession.

Envy is not being able to acquire what another object possesses. Sympathy is pitying the circumstances of which the object is in.

Sympathy holds misfortune like a plague. The possessor of misfortune begins to feel alienated. Empathy gives light to understanding. This grants the observer a space in the individual’s world.

The Wernicke’s area and the Broca’s area are significant influencers of empathy. This area of the brain is described as, “the theory of the mind”. The superior temporal gyrus is the region of the brain where this is located. The Wernicke’s area is responsible for forming language while the Broca’s area, assist in creating speech.

This helps the development of receiving information and being able to transmute meaning. Ultimately, meaning is developed to be reflected upon. This provides clarity and the coming to terms with challenges not yet articulated.

Empathy is the path to the reduction of jealousy. It gives relief to the self’s struggle with fear of losing what can be controlled and targets the object as the source of paranoia. Empathy is also the reliever of envy. This gives light to the external world and creates a shared space with others; while attempting to minimize inferiority.

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