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Sport and Performance Therapy

Sport and performance psychology is about training your mind to reach higher levels of your ability. Performers and athletes use a variety of resources to tap into their natural flow and act on that flow during performances and matches. People use sport psychologists for various reasons, not just during problem solving, and they understand that optimal functioning can increase. No matter how confident, assured, or locked in a performer is, there is room to grow and improve. Sport psychologists work with individuals to improve emotional stability and to enhance awareness states. In this approach, a slowing down of the intrapsychic experience occurs, in order to activate a centered and focused mind state. Overtime, with effort, performers will improve their mental performance and achieve desired results. Small improvements can be experienced quicker than larger improvements, which take more time. Sport and performance psychology is not about fixing things that are broken — it is about enabling people to increase the probability in maximizing potential and sustaining flow like states. Part of this involves looking into the past and understanding how customary ways can caused inhibitions during crucial periods while performing. These patterns can be deconstructed while simultaneously reconstructed in a more efficient style. In addition, other areas can be impacted. That includes situations outside of performances such as interpersonal relationships etc. 


Individuals that benefit from Sport and Performance Psychology include: 


Professional Athletes

Colliegate Athletes  

Grade School Athletes 

Stage Performers

Television and Film Industry Professionals


Stage Performers




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