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Seeing Change

Change can be feared or embraced. Change is also inevitable and unpredictable. The philosopher Heraclitus stated, the only consistency to this life is constant change. Change continues uninterrupted, yet, we must yield to the effects change makes in the human existence. Changes represents the part of nature that reminds us of what we all have in common. Whether it’s the four seasons or a new job, it’s something that brings about a type of transition. In change, there is a beginning, middle, and end. The acknowledgement of these transitions increases the likelihood of a well managed adjustment.

In most if not all types of change, the first reaction is an adverse one. Really, it’s something that incommodes the familiarities or a set routine that belongs to an individual or group. It’s quiet normal to resist the shift! Though, as time would have it, even the resistance don’t stand a chance. Setting goals to formulate change may seem linear, but even that can prove itself to be a difficult task during a prolonged ebb and flow.

What makes change undulate may be the complexities and resistance that exists during the segues from beginning to end. In some cases change is second guessed, partly due to the nature of the rupture from habit or customary procedures. Having to move into unfamiliar terrain can seem too risky, despite the stagnant or arrested circumstances that motivate the onset for change.

You see, change is eventually accepted for better or worse. The beauty of change is it always teaches, and for those willing to learn, growth is given. Examples of change include the weather, emotions, age, thoughts, appetite, etc. In short, change is permanent and is an ally to wisdom. The alpha and omega.

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