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The Human Experience

Inside each breath lies the soul that was once craved by the spirit to inhabit the flesh. Prior to this and based on ideologies and myths, speculations or convictions can be formed as to the origin of the spirit. One thing is for certain, once you are here, you too, get the opportunity to see what this experience is cracked up to be.

Humans have similarities to animals, but one key difference is our dominion on earth. For centuries, this has been the case. With that being said, it has always been a sort of dilemma to establish grounds for a relationship with ourselves and others. There are a myriad of languages, dialects, and movements to make sense of what exactly is taking place in this experience. Words are the greatest source of how we communicate with each other. My reason for mentioning communication is because we are social beings and connection is the wheelhouse of how we function.

Perceived flaws and imperfections are possibly the simplest reminder of our unique attributions. In most cases, being able to develop a tolerance for others is based on being able to accept, and tolerate one’s own blemishes. Hierarchal establishments could be seen as an understanding of survival or control. Either way, the preservation of order can invariably suggest identity security.

Navigating, as an individual, in a world that fluctuates between nonacceptance and acceptance can be a fray. Experiencing this oscillation within oneself adds an extra layer of complexity. However, coming to terms with oneself certainty mitigates the intensity of the pendulum by slowing down the complexity of your internal process. This gives you room to see yourself as you are and for who you are. The impact shifts both your relationship with others and maybe how others begin to see themselves. Humans!

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