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About Zachary

Zachary is a pre-licensed AMFT therapist. He received his MA degree in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Spiritual In-Depth Psychology from Antioch University. Zachary has worked with a diverse population, varying from providing individual and group therapy to adolescents and adults. He has experience in working with anxiety, trauma, depression, grief and loss, family and relationship issues and life transitions, amongst others. 


After graduating with a BA degree in Media Studies Communications from University of Tampa and prior to pursuing a career as a psychotherapist, Zachary spent several years playing professional basketball in three different countries. In addition, he was trained in Improv from Groundlings School in Los Angeles, as an actor. 


Zachary’s therapist training and experiences have fostered him to approach every situation with an open mind, to be mindful and present while being flexible and empathic. The challenges that life presents us along the way often present an opportunity for growth and personal integration. He is passionate about helping individuals gain greater insight and self-awareness, explore relationship patterns, understand past experiences and unconscious processes and how they continue to impact the present, and work towards making certain changes to experience a greater quality of life. Honesty and respect are qualities that Zachary values highly and he believe strongly in creating a safe, open and nonjudgmental environment in order for individuals to feel comfortable expressing themselves and to work through difficult and complex issues. 

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