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About Markus

Markus’s journey traces from the challenging streets of 1992 South Central LA to his current role as a guiding light, therapist, and educator. Amidst the pervasive violence and chaos, Markus discovered an unwavering determination to forge a trail of positive change and inclusion. 


His passion lies in cultivating a compassionate approach that acknowledges and celebrates the intrinsic value and limitless potential within every individual. Devoted to offering clients from all walks of life a path to freedom, unwavering support, and the essential tools to navigate their distinct challenges, Markus embodies a beacon of empowerment and positive change.

Markus brings a heart-centered touch to therapy, embracing a client-centered framework deeply grounded in trauma-informed care, psychiatry, and cultural awareness. His proficiency spans working with a diverse range of individuals—adults, young adults, men, and those with neurodiverse backgrounds, ADHD, and trauma. In Markus's approach, clients, like yourself, find that their needs and aspirations become the focal point, creating a personalized experience that cherishes individual uniqueness.


Few are aware that Markus is currently in the process of crafting a script! With a passion for horror films, you'll often find him immersed in the world of Apex Legends.

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