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l a u r e n  m c m i l l a n  Associate Marriage & Family Therapist, MA

A native to Los Angeles she understands; the constant hustle, traffic, the grind of working to pay for life, not psychotherapy. She knows you may have valid reasons for why this is not the best time for therapy but is calling your bluff. 

Lauren graduated from Antioch University Los Angeles with a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology specializing in Child Studies. Antioch prepared her for this field through a culturally sensitive and expansive lens, that honed in on the emotional and neurological development of children and teens specifically. She has worked with children/teens (newborn to 18) for the last 20 years as a live-in au pair and Behavior Interventionist for children/teens on the spectrum. Lauren feels privileged to have experienced so many different families, homes, and classrooms in Los Angeles witnessing first-hand the need for mental health support that covers the whole family.

Lauren's therapeutic approach is collaborative; focusing on strengths, with an emphasis on Family Structural Therapy, Narrative Work, and Attachment. Believing the relationship is paramount and can affect progress especially when treating children/teens. Lauren's “tool kit” brings in play, art, music, bibliotherapy, and movement therapy allowing for an authentic and shared bond to develop.


When Lauren is not wearing her therapist hat, she spends as much time as she can with my dog Casey and claiming her own mindfulness practice of Afro-Brazilian Dance and Samba. Dance is her medicine and sometimes talking isn’t good enough and the pain needs to move to a Bossa Nova, the grounding of the drum and the clarity of the cowbell. Samba comes from the root, the earth, from the bottom of my feet and the feet of her grandmothers. Dance fuels the healer in her, and she is able to hold all your details, good memories, and awful truths.


Lauren invites you to come in and sit with the drum and be, just be in the room with her as your guide. Begin to notice how the drum’s rhythm catches up and attaches itself to the beating of your own heart; alive, pumping, in-sync, willing, and ready to begin healing. 


M a r k u s   H i c k s   Associate Social Worker, MA

Markus’s journey traces from the challenging streets of 1992 South Central LA to his current role as a guiding light, therapist, and educator. Amidst the pervasive violence and chaos, Markus discovered an unwavering determination to forge a trail of positive change and inclusion. 


His passion lies in cultivating a compassionate approach that acknowledges and celebrates the intrinsic value and limitless potential within every individual. Devoted to offering clients from all walks of life a path to freedom, unwavering support, and the essential tools to navigate their distinct challenges, Markus embodies a beacon of empowerment and positive change.

Markus brings a heart-centered touch to therapy, embracing a client-centered framework deeply grounded in trauma-informed care, psychiatry, and cultural awareness. His proficiency spans working with a diverse range of individuals—adults, young adults, men, and those with neurodiverse backgrounds, ADHD, and trauma. In Markus's approach, clients, like yourself, find that their needs and aspirations become the focal point, creating a personalized experience that cherishes individual uniqueness.


Few are aware that Markus is currently in the process of crafting a script! With a passion for horror films, you'll often find him immersed in the world of Apex Legends.


z a c h a r y  L  h o l l i s  Associate Marriage & Family Therapist, MA

I am a pre-licensed AMFT therapist. I received my MA degree in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Spiritual In-Depth Psychology from Antioch University. I currently work with adolescents at the Maple Counseling Center, where I have received supervision that was mainly focused on psychodynamic approaches, with an emphasis on the relationship between client and therapist. 


I have worked with a diverse population, varying from providing individual and group therapy to adolescents and adults. I have experience in working with anxiety, trauma, depression, grief and loss, family and relationship issues and life transitions, amongst others. 


After graduating with a BA degree in Media Studies Communications from University of Tampa and prior to pursuing a career as a psychotherapist, I spent several years playing

professional basketball in three different countries. I also spent time as an actor where I was trained in Improv from Groundlings School in Los Angeles. 


My training and experiences have fostered me to approach every situation with an open mind, to be mindful and present while being flexible and empathetic. The challenges that life presents us along the way often present an opportunity for growth and personal integration. I am passionate about helping individuals to gain greater insight and self-awareness, explore relationship patterns, understand past experiences and unconscious processes and how they continue to impact the present, and work towards making certain changes to experience a greater quality of life. Honesty and respect are qualities that I value highly and believe strongly in creating a safe, open and nonjudgmental environment in order for individuals to feel comfortable expressing themselves and to work through difficult and complex issues. 

All associates are supervised by Fredrick Edo-Okuonghae and Mia Raymond.

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